Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

Providing Strong Yet Reassuring Legal Help

If you face criminal charges, you need a criminal defense attorney by your side to level the playing field. If you are dissolving your marriage or grappling with another family law concern, you need an attorney to uphold your best interests. John Kohl Law Firm can help you with both areas.

Since 1990, John Kohl has aggressively defended Nebraska clients from misdemeanor and felony charges. He also represents clients in divorce, asset division disputes, custody proceedings and more. In over 30 years of experience, he has achieved numerous favorable settlements and verdicts. He puts you at ease by explaining what you can expect from your case, easing your anxieties about the often-overwhelming court system.

He Knows How The Prosecution Thinks

John is a former prosecutor, having spent years as a county attorney. He has seen firsthand how the state puts together its cases. He worked on their side, gathering forensic evidence, interviewing witnesses, negotiating plea bargains and going to trial. This gives him invaluable insight into how to counterbalance the prosecution so you have a clever defense strategy.

An Aggressive Litigator Ready For A Trial

John does everything he can to get your case resolved favorably out of court, whether this involves negotiating a divorce settlement or securing a good plea bargain. However, if a trial offers the best chance for the results you need, he takes off the gloves and prepares aggressively for litigation. He has appeared before state and federal courts numerous times, earning him a positive reputation for his willingness to go to bat for his clients.

Don’t Hesitate – Get A Strong Lawyer On Your Side

Do not leave your future to chance. Get the services of an attorney who has the experience, knowledge and results to help you. Call the office of John Kohl Law Firm toll-free at 800-471-4100 today to set up an initial consultation with John Kohl. You can also call his Columbus office at 402-562-7759, call his Omaha office at 402-498-4400, or send him an email.